Windows and doors with double Glazzing



The benefits of windows and doors Legend

High thermal insulation performance - To give you the highest level of thermal insulation, the Legend system has been designed to include as many important building blocks as possible. This system with 6 insulation chambers, with a profile width of 80 mm, with 3 gaskets (one in the middle), offers a very low coefficient of heat conductivity (Uf) with a value of 1.17 W / m²K. This 80 mm wide system offers the possibility of applying 44 mm trypan glass which offers low values ​​Uf = 0.6-0.7 W / m²K. Due to the conductivity coefficient of the profile as well as the glass package, a higher value Uw = 0.95 W / m²K results.

Durability - The fittings used in the Legend system profiles offer increased strength values. According to the calculations of resistance in areas affected by strong winds, this system offers the possibility to build windows with a larger area than the classic ones.

Product diversity - The system offers a wide range of products. The main profiles that make up the system are standard frames, frames, joint profiles, resistance profiles, uprights, frame drippers, door frames with opening to the inside or outside, addition profiles. In addition, the system offers a series of auxiliary profiles: Angle angle 90 degrees, variable angle coupling, masking profiles, heel extensions, closing profiles, etc.

Glazing - Glass packages of thicknesses can be used for both doors and windows: 24; 30; 36; 44 and 52 mm. The Deceuninck Legend system offers a rich color palette for all tastes.


The benefits of windows and doors Zendow

Superior insulation - Designed with 5 insulation chambers and a profile width of 70 mm, the Zendow Plus PVC window system offers excellent thermal insulation performance. The heat transfer coefficient of the system tested at the IFT Rosenheim institute is Uf = 1.3-1.4 W / m²K. For the medium gasket system the certified value is Uf = 1.3 W / m²K.

Acoustic performance - Sound insulation is very important nowadays when we live in a noisy world. The Zendow system has built-in 2-chamber sound insulation directly from the factory, which ensures better sound insulation than those introduced manually. In addition, due to the characteristics of the PVC raw material as well as the multicameral structure of the Zendow system, perfect comfort is ensured in areas with high noise due to heavy traffic.

Structural strength - Due to the wide range of products, the Zendow system is suitable for any type of construction. Special stiffening profiles offer the best solutions against high wind pressure.

Respect for the environment - Doors produced with the Zendow system ensure a healthy environment due to the high level of insulation as well as the features that ensure a long-term investment: easy maintenance and 100% recyclable at the end of life.

Everest Max

The benefits of windows and doors Everest Max

Superior insulation - The Everest Max system is designed with 4 insulation chambers and a 60mm profile width with 2 seals. The use of TPE gaskets allows the system an effective corner welding, thus ensuring a high level of insulation.

Versatility - The system offers main profiles and auxiliary corner connection profiles at 90 degrees and for variable angles, drips, aluminum sills, various closing profiles and resistance profiles. The profiles for doors opening inwards or outwards are optimized in such a way as to allow an increase in the glazed surface, which offers greater transparency. In order to find solutions for any detail, the Everest Max system offers various auxiliary profiles such as coverage profiles, image (L54) etc.

Innovation and compatibility - The Everest Max system has a special sloping design that increases the flow rate of water. The system allows the construction of special windows such as folding, parallel sliding, opening to the outside, etc. A locking mechanism can be fitted for safety purposes. This system is compatible with other systems (insect nets, rollers, shutters, etc.)

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Aluminum Windows

Let’s examine aluminum now that you have a basic background on the other types of material. They are considered more durable than wood and also very affordable, similar to vinyl. The amount of time and money needed for long-term maintenance is low.

The only issue with aluminum is that it’s not a universally sound option. Why? Aluminum doesn’t have the insulating qualities of some other types of windows. Therefore, it works well in warmer climates but not so great in other parts of the country with low temperature.

Metal conducts an excess amount of heat which then becomes a problem in regards to your energy bill. So while aluminum may be a great choice in many aspects for your window replacements.

Advantages of Aluminum Windows

Affordability - Aluminum is one of the cheaper options for new windows. The only other type that’s competitive in cost is vinyl. Wood and fiberglass are usually much higher. Everyone likes a good deal and you get a lot of “bang for the buck” with aluminum.

Durability - One of the primary reasons that wood windows are slowly being phased out by other styles is because they lack the same long-term value. Aluminum is durable because it’s metal and can withstand the elements. It is not as prone to suffer from water moisture and other issues from the exterior of the home.

Maintenance - Aluminum windows are very easy to maintain. They are sold in a number of different colors and styles. If you invest in an anodized or baked-on finish you’ll never have to repaint it. Aluminum is hassle-free compared to wood.

Lightweight – Aluminum is the most lightweight type of metal you can find. It can also get customized to fit within certain configurations. Also, the lightweight design translates well into a slim profile which subsequently improves sight lines.

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Wood windows

Whether you own a historic home or your house is the most contemporary building in city, wood windows can be a fantastic design feature for your exterior. Although the look is traditionally more classic in nature, with all of the cuts and colors wood windows come in these days, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style no matter what your decor is like. Oh, and the best part? Wood windows are extremely durable, eco-friendly, and one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make. To find more about the benefits of wood windows, we’ve listed 6 of our favorite features below.


Superior Insulation - Wood windows are about 400x better at insulating than steel windows and about 1,800x better than vinyl — that’s nothing to sneeze at. To increase the insulating properties further, make sure you choose energy-efficient double-paned glass, which comes in a variety of patterns and finishes as well.

Easy to Maintain - Wood windows often get a bad wrap for not being maintenance free like vinyl, metal, or fiberglass. It’s true that if they are not properly sealed, wood windows can be easily damaged and are susceptible to pests. However, high-quality wood windows have durable, long-lasting sealants applied to them and only need to be periodically cleaned off with a little household liquid soap and a soft cloth, perhaps once in the spring and then again in the fall. As long as you give the windows a good dust off, they shouldn’t need to be resealed for years

Highly Customizable - Wood windows can be cut in virtually any style, and can be painted in any color imaginable. From intricate scroll work or carvings, stately crown moldings, or just simple no-fuss panels, there’s a wood window out there that can be created to match the look and feel of your home exactly. Tired of the color after a few years? Just sand them down, prime, and re-paint to your heart’s desire. It’s just that easy.

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