Double Glazzing

Double Glazzing

Double glazing is the popular name for a sandwich consisting of two sheets of glass glued to the perimeter by means of an aluminum rod and rubber membrane sealants. The result is a glass with special thermal insulation characteristics that preserves the transparency necessary for glazed spaces.


• Energy efficiency is a first advantage for which you should consider opting for a double-glazed window. Energy saving and efficient use are very important elements and you will need to consider them when equipping windows.

• Sustainability is another important issue and you will need to consider when purchasing such systems.

• Security is very important and you will have to consider this aspect, in order to always benefit from the desired security. Through a double-glazed window, you will be able to significantly improve the security of the house by opting for efficient window systems.

• The quality of double-glazed windows will never leave much to be desired, being the optimal purchasing solution compared to other types of windows.

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